Synergie Saddle pad


Material : Up-cycled fabric – wadding padding – 3D mesh

Size : Horse

Shape : Mixte or Dressage

Color : Blue or Red

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Fabrics : The material visible on the top of the saddle pad is an unused fabric that we collected through UpTrade, a French company based in Ile-de-France. In contact with your horse, you will find a 3D mesh, breathable and dry, from Balas Textile.

Shape : Adapted to mixed saddles and jumping. The back line of the pad is anatomical, making it easy to slip into the gutter of your saddle.

Size: Horse – 67 cm x 50 cm

Details: We have deliberately designed a discreet edge the finishing is sheltered from friction, on the horse side.

The labels of our products come from Europe.

The strap passage has been made in a creative perspective, with a particular folding. Our strap comes from France.


We imagine and design our products in our studio in Paris. Prototypes are made and tested by ourselves and Savana, our sidekick mare.

In an eco-responsible way, our fabrics come from nearby: Paris and Lyon. Our labels are made in Europe. Quilting and sewing are carried out locally by Baudchon and DPL, in the regions of Clary and Châtillon-sur-Indre. We ensure the well-being of our team, the quality and know-how.

Your saddle pads can be sent in different packagings:

  • compostable, so as not to provide any waste at the end of your order
  • recyclable cardboard


Cleaning : First remove the hairs on your carpet with a brush.

Moisten the carpet then rub with Marseille soap. Let it act.

It is possible to either:
Rinse it.
– Put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees or less.

Namely, cold washing saves energy for the planet.

Let us be conscious and vigilant against microplastics:
Use GuppyFriend. This reduces fiber loss and protects your belongings and the oceans.

Drying : Straddling a wire.

Watch out for the sun! Turn the mat over to the technical fabric side so that UV rays do not damage the visual fabric by stripping it of its color.

Do not use the machine’s drying function: it may damage the product.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Blue, Red


Mixte, Dressage


Compostable Bag, Cardboard Box

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